Rendezvous Revelation!

An optomistic look at dating for 20-somethings in the LDS community. You're not a lost cause! ...You know, yet.


DS #1: Pretending part2

Alright, so if you haven’t gathered the tone of this date yet, he did not act excited to be doing this... at all. Not even politely doing me a favor. Please remember this as it will be important to the end of this story.

But having some slight experience with men who have not dated a ton before (either because they are shy, a geek, or just homebodies [my brothers can be all of the above]), they have many motives for seeming rude. And hey, I like to think the best of people. So my instinct was to assume he was just nervous and was making up for it by pretending to be non-shalont. You see where this forgiveness thing comes in?

I decided to push through rather than hanging up. I offered we see Iron Man 2 since I had not yet. But I never saw the first one- if that’s Ok you help me along?

He groaned. “I don’t want to have to explain everything to you.” This was just getting better and better. Clearly this guy needed a gentle little shove out of the nest by giving him opportunity and comfort about the kind of person I am.

“I don’t mind. Look, how about this plan- You can go ahead and pick what ever you’d like to do and I promise to enjoy myself. No matter what. Ok? I get home around 6 tomorrow so give me a call then and let me know!”

Still a little upset, he agreed.

OK. It’s Friday. It’s also 7:30. I am sitting on my couch with the roommate watching “To Catch a Predator” fresh from a shower all prettied up with curled hair and a little flashier than normal makeup applied. After an hour and half late I ask my roommate if it’s OK to give up on him. She agrees. Then my phone rings. Of course.

Also of course- he has no plan in place. He knows this noodle place he wants to try and he thinks there is a theater near there. He doesn’t know the name of the place or where it is. And he doesn’t want to pick me up. After I do some (very clever, I might boast) research on what the HELL he’s talking about I find it. But it’s too late. He’s too bored already. And he doesn’t want to pick me up because I’m in the wrong direction. So I agree to go to his house where we will carpool from there to whatever place he has in mind.

I look at my roommate as I hang up. She’s looking at me with a critical look on her face. (She must have heard the part where I offered to drive the whole way since I had my GPS.)

“You’re not really going still are you?”

I was. But why, I can’t quite remember.
To be Continued....

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