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DS #3: Almost Othello

A practical lesson in forgiveness!
So I had a nice date last night! I won’t go into details but he’s very normal and not the jerk I originally assumed. I went in with low expectations because of an earlier insult I had received. You'd think that after someone told you time after time that you might less than desireable, why would you spend an evening with them?

This person and I had been talking predominantly over the internet to each other. I knew he was Chinese but the language thing didn’t seem to be an issue as we wrote back and forth. Good grammer, fewer spelling errors than me, very enriched in the american culter. At one point, I directed him to my facebook because he requested to see some pictutres of me. After a few minutes of browsing through my photos, makeing comments like, "What is with this picture?" and "What color is your hair anyway?" he came back to me saying, “You know, I thought you’d be intimidating but you’re actually pretty homely.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term let me google the definition:
Urban Dictionary:
1. A word that describes people lacking in social graces and taste.
2. An adjective for objects that no one could find appealing except ironically.
Not attractive or good-looking: a homely child. Lacking elegance or refinement: homely furniture.

There are some other obscure definitions, but I’ve never heard them used before in any kind of complimentary way. I was a little shocked and pretty hurt (I moped for about a day and a half.)
The following day, once I’d gotten my ego back, I ventured a reply that stated gently:
"Homely? Really? Even if that’s true, I don’t suggest you use that on any other girl you’re trying to pick up on for as long as you live. "

He was lost on why that would be a rude thing. Is it wrong to say a girl likes to stay at home?

...I thought about it for a moment.

"You mean I’m a homeBODY? "

Actually, I’m really glad we got that all cleared up- he turned out to be a fine date. Although the cake binge wasn’t so bad, some guys are just clueless, and some girls get offended too quickly. Take some time before you completely dump someone- misunderstandings between men and woman are as old as time… like Othello. Don't be like Othello and throw away a perfectly good relationship because of a misplaced hankie. It only leaves you alone and makes you want to kill yourself. Trust me.

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